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Heatwave in the high desert of Arizona

Hello friends and followers!

I can tell you that this heatwave is nearly impossible to deal with for us here. Temperatures have been 100° and up to 110° for almost 40 days straight.

We’re living off grid, using solar energy, which logically brings one to think that we have plenty of power to use our room size swamp cooler. But truth has it, the batteries of the solar system overheat and inverter shuts system down . A safety issue.

Thus we have to use a small fan to cool the system. That works out ok. System is safe. But;

We are hot! And….

That swamp cooler quit!!! I ordered the replacement pump, received it, but no instructions. As to how to replace it. Called several times to get them from manufacturer. Was assured that I’ll get an email to show me how to replace it, but NO response.!

But us senior citizens are tuff, we’re using wet towels on windows, have battery operated table fans circulating that hot air and a ” cooling cloth” around shoulders. Drinking water, splashing it on face frequently and moving around slowly.

That’s my story today.


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Who am I

Well, I am a person that likes peaceful, remote living . We live off grid, get water delivery on demand and need. Live in an older single wide, using solar panels and on overcast days a gas generator. I like to cook but don’t like the smell of it inside so I cook everything on a propane bbq. Even baked a pumpkin pie. Turned out good.

We have chickens, but they turned into Free loaders due to age. No, there not going to become food. They became pets.

We have a bunch of white doves, took them in cause some heartless person just got tired of them. They are useless, but their cheerful sounds are enjoyable.

I enjoy propagating trees, shrubs, veggies and wild flowers from seeds. Been quite successful …if the weather cooperates that is.

Not to forget we have cats, 2 indoors only, 2 in and out, 3 outdoor sort of ferals, all altered ( no more kittens please )– long story..

I help people in need when I can.


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….why I am here

…. because I want to learn how to be successful with blogging, so I can have an income. My husband’s SS check is just to little to support us in a good way. With prizes for everything constantly rising it is more and more difficult to maintain.

As a senior citizen its not quite as easy to find work. Besides that, we live off grid, no nearby neighbors or businesses. And only one old F150 for transportation. Thanks goodness it’s in fairly good running condition. No air-conditioning neither in truck nor inside our single wide. Summers in Arizona are hot, but we learned to deal with it. Windows wide open, small battery operated fans to circulate the air, frequent short showers, all works out ok. To keep the kitteys cool I wrap a blue ice in a hand towel and they lay on that to get cool. That’s for the indoor cats. The outdoor ones get wet spots in shaded areas, where the lounge around all day.

So why am I here? To improve our lives here off grid. More solar panels, repairs to single wide, maybe a newer F150??

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My lack of self esteem

In my heart I want to be a writer, but my mind tells ne that I have no talent, no contacts, not enough knowledge to write about anything.

But yet, I read about how to become a good  writer, but no subject to write about,  seems to be coming to mind.

And then  I am also befallen with “procrastination”. Self help books, tapes, CDs, EFT, still, I have BLOCKS to remove. ….

So. That’s my rant today.

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Native American today

I believe that a lot of us, native american or not, are aware and upset about whats going on in North Dakota. Here is a clip I received of what happened there last night. It made me cry.

The video clip will not transfer, sorry for that. But in essence, the report says that the government is spraying the camps using crop dusters, at night. Apparently hoping that all people who are standing up for their water and land and the future of ALL , will either get sick and die, or leave and let the pipeline to be built through secret lands and possibly contaminate waters.

It saddens me and my relatives.

We took the whole country away from native Americans, why can’t we just leave them the little bit of land they still can call Home in their care to live and feel free?



Native American spiritual Quote

I stumbled across this today and want to share it:

The first peace, which is most important, is that which comes within the souls of men when they realize their relationship, their oneness, with the universe and all its Powers, and when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells Wakan-Tanka, and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us. This is the real Peace, and the others are but reflections of this. The second peace is that which is made between two individuals, and the third is that which is made between two nations. But above all you should understand that there can never be peace between nations until there is first known that true peace which, as I have often said, is within the souls of men.

My husband is Native American, thus the deep interest in spiritual quotes from them.


About Desert Lilly = me!

I have chosen Desert Lilly as my pen name, because it is a beautiful but elusive flower. Thus far I haven’t seen one in nature, still looking though.

One would think that since we live in the High Desert in Arizona, the flower would be visible sometime some where, Not yet

.Now that I explained why my pen name, here are a few things about me:

We live totally off grid, using solar power, built the system ourselves, on a small budget and it’s giving us enough power to do the things we want to run electrically. We also have a 8000Watt generator we use when needed.

I have a close bond to earth and nature, enjoy  being outdoors starting plants, cacti and trees from seeds , love gazing at the stars and the moon, Holistic healing, Ayurveda, MEDITATION, Energy Healing, Natural Remedies vs. prescription Medications, avid about fragrance free ANYTHING… organic foods and how to cook healthy meals

( A note to the reader: I DO NOT cook indoors, mostly because I don’t like my home to smell like cooking, thus I cook almost anything on an outdoor propane BBQ. Even Thanksgiving Turkey!)  I will share recipes just ask!

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Meditation brings your mind into the alpha state. Thus you can concentrate on the subject without interruptions from other influences. The first few attempts to completely relax might not bring immediate results, but you will feel refreshed and better than before. Give yourself 10 to 20 minutes. Best not to lay down, but to sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and imagine to be in your special, peaceful place. As you are imagining that place, wonder around in it and enjoy the scenery. Relax your head, body, shoulders, arms and legs and feel yourself going into a deep relaxed state of mind. Once you feel relaxed, concentrate on whatever it is you want to change or accomplish and visualize the change as it already being in effect.

Meditate daily, it will help you to reach a goal or show you the path to take to a blissful happy being.