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Agent Orange 2,4-D

Today is the deadline to let the EPA know that you don’t want farmers using 2,4-D and putting that poison into our environment!! how many of you know someone who came back from Vietnam having been exposed to Agent Orange and is suffering still from the effects of that??

My husband was in Vietnam, and is suffering from this dreadful exposure.

Please take time to click the above link and let the EPA know how you feel about this.

Thank you



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What’s the most dreadful experience you’ve ever had as a customer? How could it have been better?

I have a beef with Verizon’s jet-pack. We live in a very rural area and were assured that this jet-pack would work good and be a better internet solution than my Wild Blue Satellite access. Well, this is totally not true. Since I took the wireless internet access via Verizon, I have been disconnected in the middle of writing, playing, talking on Skype, you name it. When phoning them, one is put on hold for at least 1/2 hour, then a person finally comes on, then tells me that there is nothing wrong, that it is my laptop. There is nothing wrong with my laptop!!! I went through this for a while, then requested another, new jet-pack, it came, but didn’t resolve anything. Thus, I am going back to Wild Blue. It is not wireless, but what the heck, at least it is a very reliable connection.Of course there will be an early termination fee due Verizon, they will not budge and don’t want to acknowledge that this product is JUNK!  How it could be better, refund all my expense and take this item back and not charge me for early termination. That would sit well with us here.