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Mission to Mars

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I seriously would  not consider going there. My Planet Earth, the beautiful, green in places planet is in my soul, it is my life and I am happy here. Most the time, When things go a little awry, I go outdoors and look at my surroundings. There in front of my, while sitting on my lawn chairs I can see a mountain range, we call the sleeping giant in our neighborhood.I am not re reading this writing, and am just rambling on. But sincerely mean that I love mother earths Beauty and what she gives us, When i turn around, i see Joshua tress, Yucca and a variety of cacti. Some in bloom, others due to the drought will not give us any blooms this year. We planted some rose bushes, which have long out bloomed and now just are green succulent leaves waiting for the next blooming season.

So what would i miss the most if i was never to return to Planet earth?? All the beauty that I a surrounded by.  

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