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My goals for blogging 201

The reason why I want to be a successful blogger is that I want to connect with like minded people to exchange ideas as well as to inform people how important meditation to health is. Both health of body as well as spirit. As positive affirmations on a daily basis will bring the things you desire.

If my blog would get so fabulous that I would have one hundred followers from all kinds of walks in life, I would post 2 or 3 times a week, or more if demanded.

Should I change my goal? Or keep working on refining it?

Any recommendation will be read and considered if it falls into my reality.


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Internet slow???

Are you about getting ready to throw your laptop, computer or tablet out? or scream!! Well it’s not your machine, it’s the fact that Microsoft is prompting everyone to download windows 10, because it is soooo much better and faster. Thus millions are doing it and cluttering the internet to a maximum. Thus its snail slow!! There are also new downloads available from apple which doesn’t help neither. Just thought I mention that to easy the stress we all are experiencing at this time.