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first post blooging 101


I am female, happily married, 20years, how time flies….

In my younger years when single I traveled to many countries and have enjoyed other cultures. Now we live in the High Desert in Arizona. Why did we choose this place?? Intuition. We were looking for peace and wide open space to enjoy our senior years. So far we have succeeded.

I could go on and on about the beauty of this area, my cactus garden, some in bloom right now.

I am interested in Energy Healing, for people as well as animals. I have  applied some of the holistic healing methods to heal my old Maltese, she is a foundling so to speak, we took her in to help her have a few more happy years, she is 15 now, and almost completely healed. Just lost some teeth.

I am also very interested in the Law of Attraction, positive thinking can bring things to you, just do it.

Meditation is a must to keep from going insane, that’s what I think.

More interests of mine: fragrance free  cleaning products, naturally grown foods, no GMO is what I feel is important, Organically grown veggies and fruits,  gluten free stuff,  Good thing chocolate is gluten free!!

6 thoughts on “first post blooging 101

  1. Interesting introduction ! Law of attraction- Please see some videos of “Sandeep Maheshwari” he has inspired me a lot and i have a strong intuition that you would like his videos.
    I am an amaeture blogger with an intention of meeting different people from across the globe. Visit my blog and see if you like it. It is slightly different from your interests though. 🙂

    • Hi, I read your introduction, quite some info there. Thanks for sharing part of your life. Wishing you the Best at your new job. Will look into the videos “Sandeep Maheshwari” asap.

  2. It souns like you live in a place that suits you. How wonderful you got to travel. My hubby are becoming adventurers….slowly, as vacation time and money allows. Nice to meet you.

    • Glad you feel happy for us. Traveling is a wonderful experience. One learns many things from other people and places. Even just staying in the US. So many things to see and do….

      • I have traveled through most of the US and finally had the chance to travel out of the US in the last few years. There is so much I still haven’t seen here and plan to see it. The hubby bought a motor home for me for Mother’s Day (worked it off, really. He’s thrifty like me. :)). I hope to redo it and take it on the road soon. Might not wait that long, though. I want to see so much. Enjoy your travels. Treasure every minute.

      • Oh, you can re-do a little at a time, going somewhere, park, enjoy and do a little something. we are hoping to find a smaller RV big enough to take our pets along (2 older dogs and some cats) We have a large one, but it’s just too old to go road tripping.
        Thus I use it as storage and my kitchen, I don’t like the smell of food cooking indoors. I also cook on the BBQ year round. With the lid down and frequent checking I cook my turkey and have succeeded in baking cookies too.
        You too, enjoy your lives and stay healthy

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