lilly of the desert

Expressing my thoughts, sharing opinions and ranting about this and that!

Who am I

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Well, I am a person that likes peaceful, remote living . We live off grid, get water delivery on demand and need. Live in an older single wide, using solar panels and on overcast days a gas generator. I like to cook but don’t like the smell of it inside so I cook everything on a propane bbq. Even baked a pumpkin pie. Turned out good.

We have chickens, but they turned into Free loaders due to age. No, there not going to become food. They became pets.

We have a bunch of white doves, took them in cause some heartless person just got tired of them. They are useless, but their cheerful sounds are enjoyable.

I enjoy propagating trees, shrubs, veggies and wild flowers from seeds. Been quite successful …if the weather cooperates that is.

Not to forget we have cats, 2 indoors only, 2 in and out, 3 outdoor sort of ferals, all altered ( no more kittens please )– long story..

I help people in need when I can.


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