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….why I am here

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…. because I want to learn how to be successful with blogging, so I can have an income. My husband’s SS check is just to little to support us in a good way. With prizes for everything constantly rising it is more and more difficult to maintain.

As a senior citizen its not quite as easy to find work. Besides that, we live off grid, no nearby neighbors or businesses. And only one old F150 for transportation. Thanks goodness it’s in fairly good running condition. No air-conditioning neither in truck nor inside our single wide. Summers in Arizona are hot, but we learned to deal with it. Windows wide open, small battery operated fans to circulate the air, frequent short showers, all works out ok. To keep the kitteys cool I wrap a blue ice in a hand towel and they lay on that to get cool. That’s for the indoor cats. The outdoor ones get wet spots in shaded areas, where the lounge around all day.

So why am I here? To improve our lives here off grid. More solar panels, repairs to single wide, maybe a newer F150??

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