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Heatwave in the high desert of Arizona

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Hello friends and followers!

I can tell you that this heatwave is nearly impossible to deal with for us here. Temperatures have been 100° and up to 110° for almost 40 days straight.

We’re living off grid, using solar energy, which logically brings one to think that we have plenty of power to use our room size swamp cooler. But truth has it, the batteries of the solar system overheat and inverter shuts system down . A safety issue.

Thus we have to use a small fan to cool the system. That works out ok. System is safe. But;

We are hot! And….

That swamp cooler quit!!! I ordered the replacement pump, received it, but no instructions. As to how to replace it. Called several times to get them from manufacturer. Was assured that I’ll get an email to show me how to replace it, but NO response.!

But us senior citizens are tuff, we’re using wet towels on windows, have battery operated table fans circulating that hot air and a ” cooling cloth” around shoulders. Drinking water, splashing it on face frequently and moving around slowly.

That’s my story today.

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