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Native American today

I believe that a lot of us, native american or not, are aware and upset about whats going on in North Dakota. Here is a clip I received of what happened there last night. It made me cry.

The video clip will not transfer, sorry for that. But in essence, the report says that the government is spraying the camps using crop dusters, at night. Apparently hoping that all people who are standing up for their water and land and the future of ALL , will either get sick and die, or leave and let the pipeline to be built through secret lands and possibly contaminate waters.

It saddens me and my relatives.

We took the whole country away from native Americans, why can’t we just leave them the little bit of land they still can call Home in their care to live and feel free?




About Desert Lilly = me!

I have chosen Desert Lilly as my pen name, because it is a beautiful but elusive flower. Thus far I haven’t seen one in nature, still looking though.

One would think that since we live in the High Desert in Arizona, the flower would be visible sometime some where, Not yet

.Now that I explained why my pen name, here are a few things about me:

We live totally off grid, using solar power, built the system ourselves, on a small budget and it’s giving us enough power to do the things we want to run electrically. We also have a 8000Watt generator we use when needed.

I have a close bond to earth and nature, enjoy  being outdoors starting plants, cacti and trees from seeds , love gazing at the stars and the moon, Holistic healing, Ayurveda, MEDITATION, Energy Healing, Natural Remedies vs. prescription Medications, avid about fragrance free ANYTHING… organic foods and how to cook healthy meals

( A note to the reader: I DO NOT cook indoors, mostly because I don’t like my home to smell like cooking, thus I cook almost anything on an outdoor propane BBQ. Even Thanksgiving Turkey!)  I will share recipes just ask!

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My goals for blogging 201

The reason why I want to be a successful blogger is that I want to connect with like minded people to exchange ideas as well as to inform people how important meditation to health is. Both health of body as well as spirit. As positive affirmations on a daily basis will bring the things you desire.

If my blog would get so fabulous that I would have one hundred followers from all kinds of walks in life, I would post 2 or 3 times a week, or more if demanded.

Should I change my goal? Or keep working on refining it?

Any recommendation will be read and considered if it falls into my reality.

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Internet slow???

Are you about getting ready to throw your laptop, computer or tablet out? or scream!! Well it’s not your machine, it’s the fact that Microsoft is prompting everyone to download windows 10, because it is soooo much better and faster. Thus millions are doing it and cluttering the internet to a maximum. Thus its snail slow!! There are also new downloads available from apple which doesn’t help neither. Just thought I mention that to easy the stress we all are experiencing at this time.

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I finally got the nerve to post something again.


I have been undecided and unsure of my self when it comes to writing and publishing those words.

I believe that I have overcome those fears and am ready to go on blogging.

I wanted to share something with you, that is changing the way I see things. I have found something called Quantum Jumping, a guided meditation series by Burt Goldman. His words, or rather his voice has struck a cord in me, thus I have been listening  to him daily. I only started a week ago, but do believe that I will find myself in a better way all around after learning the correct way  to meditate.

I will keep you updated on my progress.

Namaste friends.

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Mission to Mars

I seriously would  not consider going there. My Planet Earth, the beautiful, green in places planet is in my soul, it is my life and I am happy here. Most the time, When things go a little awry, I go outdoors and look at my surroundings. There in front of my, while sitting on my lawn chairs I can see a mountain range, we call the sleeping giant in our neighborhood.I am not re reading this writing, and am just rambling on. But sincerely mean that I love mother earths Beauty and what she gives us, When i turn around, i see Joshua tress, Yucca and a variety of cacti. Some in bloom, others due to the drought will not give us any blooms this year. We planted some rose bushes, which have long out bloomed and now just are green succulent leaves waiting for the next blooming season.

So what would i miss the most if i was never to return to Planet earth?? All the beauty that I a surrounded by.  

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Agent Orange 2,4-D

Today is the deadline to let the EPA know that you don’t want farmers using 2,4-D and putting that poison into our environment!! how many of you know someone who came back from Vietnam having been exposed to Agent Orange and is suffering still from the effects of that??

My husband was in Vietnam, and is suffering from this dreadful exposure.

Please take time to click the above link and let the EPA know how you feel about this.

Thank you